10 Totally Weird But Totally Normal Things About Your New Born

There are a lot of weird but normal things that happen to your baby. All right, so you’ve read the baby books, attended all those seminars and classes, and you’ve prepared yourself for everything else you need in giving birth to and caring for your little bundle of joy.

Still, there are a few things you should take note of, such as why the little gal/guy seems to be spraying poop all around or why their eyes seem to be rapidly moving.

We here at Babybalu want to tell you that you should hold off on that doctor’s appointment for now, because all those unusual things happening to your baby may just be all too normal. Here we go!

Cradle cap

scrubbing the cradle cap
By Sage Ross [ CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)], via Flickr
What’s going on?

This is definitely one of the weird but normal things that happen to your baby. You should know this up front: cradle caps could be a bit off-putting, but they are perfectly par for the course when it comes to babies. So, how does this exactly happen? Well, even the experts have no definite answer for that just yet.

Worry not, though, because all that flaking will soon go away in a matter of months after the little bundle of joy comes to this world. Yes, there are instances where this might take longer to disappear, but it’s no cause for alarm.

Even better, make a habit out of it and apply it before you give him/her a bath. Also, there’s no harm in gently scraping the patches off with a soft, fine comb.

What to watch out for:

Cradle caps, any way you look at it, are pretty much harmless; you could think of it as a mild rash that pops up on your baby’s newborn skin.

However, if you start to notice that it’s gone beyond his or her scalp, go and check with your paediatrician so that they may prescribe you with a medicinal ointment for it.

Explosive poop

What’s going on?

If there’s one thing that movies tell us, it’s that babies have the uncanny ability to shoot jets of poop out of them, leaving their parents screaming for help. Of course, movies love to blow things up to unreal proportions, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen in real life at all.

Yes, babies do occasionally have projectile poop, but it’s not necessarily something you should be alarmed about.

According to experts, the reason that this happens isn’t that there’s something wrong with your baby, rather it’s because that kind of poop – which is liquid – doesn’t have too much weight to it.

As a result, it can easily be blown away by baby’s powerful bowels!

What to watch out for:

Hey, if baby’s poops have healthy colours – meaning brown, green, or yellow –, there’s nothing to worry about!

But, do make sure to check if there’s any blood in it, because if it does, then you should definitely visit your doctor.

Baby boobage

What’s going on?parents kissing baby

Ah, you were pregnant not too long ago, and it’s a memorable fact that a lot of hormones swirled inside you during that time. And, given that your baby was basically a part of you during the whole time means that he or she had these, too. As a result, it so happens that those hormones affect your baby more than you’d expect: it can cause them to have rather large breasts.

Now, as unsettling as that image is, it’s nothing to worry about: those hormones will soon leave your baby’s body and his or her breasts will go back to normal.

What to watch out for:

All right, so what you want to do here is check the baby’s breast. Now, if they’re starting to have some redness to them.

Also, make sure to check for his or her temperature to see if the baby has a fever. If so, then contact your paediatrician immediately because this could be something else entirely.

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Weird groaning noises

What’s going on?

Now, it’s always fun to think of your baby as this cooing bundle of happiness, but that’s not always the case. Newborns do in fact make a lot of noise, and it’s not just limited to crying. There will be times you’ll hear some rather disturbing noises, like snorts and grunts and other weird sounds, coming from these cute little tots.

However, those noises are just caused by the newborn’s narrow nasal passages that are still developing.

To aid your baby’s growth in this particular case, just make sure to clear out his or her nose with a nasal aspirator every now and then.

What to watch out for:

Now, if those sounds happen regularly, as in with each passing breath, then this might indicate that there’s difficulty in your baby’s breathing. If so, contact your paediatrician immediately.

Constant sneezing

What’s going on?

It’s no myth that babies are sensitive to the world around them; they’re simply just fragile considering that they’re new to this world. As such, this may lead to a whole lot of sneezing from their part. Don’t be alarmed, though, because this is just baby’s way of cleaning his or her nasal passages.

In certain cases, it’s not even allergies that cause these cute little sneezes: even sunlight can cause this, just like how adults adjust themselves to bright sunlight. Then, of course, there are cases when the baby sneezes simply because their body is rejecting all the excess mucus in their noses.

What to watch out for:

Sneezes are fine. However, if they wheeze as well, then it’s better to visit the doctor to pinpoint what exactly is happening.

On one hand, it could just be your usual allergies, but there are cases when it could be something more serious like asthma. Better be sure!

Random jerky movements

What’s going on?

baby civered in spaghetti

There may be times when you’ll see the baby have these weird, erratic body movements, which could honestly be very shocking for new parents out there. But, this does not necessarily mean that there’s something seriously wrong going on.

You see, babies continually develop even long after they come out of their moms, and one such development going on within your baby is that their reflexes are starting to become sharper, especially the Moro reflex (the one we humans use when we get startled).

This usually happens until the baby is about a quarter of a year old. Now, to aid this, go on and swaddle that little bundle of joy in order to give them a better sleep.

What to watch out for:

The exact opposite is what you have to worry about: a baby that doesn’t have these jerky movements might indicate that their body isn’t developing properly.

So, make sure to check with your paediatrician if this is the case.

Oddly-shaped heads

What’s going on?

Yes, we all know that the whole process of giving birth is not an easy thing to do. What you might not have known, though, is that it’s not just mom who’s having a hard time during all this, since the baby’s fragile body is also exerting itself during labour. That’s why they look a bit swollen and out of breath when they come out.

Now, add the fact that they have to pass through their mother’s very narrow pelvic area and you’ll find out why their heads could look a bit flattened at times. This isn’t even exclusive to labour, too, since flattening may also be caused by his or her sleeping positions.

So, what you want to do here is to make sure that you balance laying them on their backs and on their tummies.

What to watch out for:

So, you’ve done the necessary measures to keep your baby’s head from being misshapen but it still doesn’t seem to be working. Well, now’s the time to visit your paediatrician so they can prescribe a corrective helmet for them.

Keep in mind, though, that these helmets work best anywhere between the 4th and 6th month, so observe your bundle of joy properly to make sure you don’t miss this window.

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Swollen genitals

What’s going on?

All right, so you’ve given birth to a beautiful baby boy and you notice that his little peepee is unusually large. Like we said earlier, you and your baby share hormones for the whole 9 months that they’re in your belly, and this is another one of those instances.

In another, the swollen genitals may be caused by a build-up of fluid around his newborn testicles, which he’ll eventually pee out in the next few days or so. Now, this isn’t something that’s exclusive to boys; girls can also have swollen genitals after they’re born, and it’s also a phenomenon that goes away in a matter of days.

The thing is, once the baby comes out, all the excess fluids they had in the womb are gradually excreted in about a week.

What to watch out for:

Baby’s swollen genitals should disappear after a few days. If this isn’t the case, then make sure that you visit your doctor. This is especially of concern to those of you who have baby boys because there’s a chance that they may have a hydrocele, which is a condition that takes about a year to get rid of.

Blood in the diaper

What’s going on?

Seeing blood is almost always not a good sign. After all, it’s a substance meant to be inside our bodies, so just imagine the panic attack you could have if you see that there’s some blood on your baby’s diaper.

However, this is actually not that big a deal. The thing is, there are a lot of causes behind this rather jarring occurrence, and they’re all not something that could indicate anything serious.

Now, if you have a girl, this could all just be traced right back to excess hormones from when she was inside your womb: this is all just estrogen that’s being expelled by your baby’s developing body.

In another instance, it could just be that your baby’s bowel just experienced a sudden, abrupt movement, in which case the bleeding should disappear as soon as it came. Now, to ease this, just make sure to lubricate and moisturize the area.

What to watch out for:

Hey, we’re not going to hold it against you if you rushed to the doctor after seeing some blood from your baby; it’s what any good parent would do. So, to ease your mind and not have you panicking all the time, we suggest you contact your paediatrician whenever you see something like this.

Crossed eyes

What’s going on?

Newborns having weird eye movements are something to be expected. The reason behind this is because he or she is still trying to adjust their senses to the world around them, not to mention that they’re practising how to use these same senses they have.

Specifically, your baby is trying to hone control of their muscles and developing their eyes’ focus.

So, seeing your baby with these weird crossed peepers isn’t really something that should make you rush to the clinic. You see, it could all be just an optical illusion caused by the folds of skin around your baby’s eyes sometimes.

What to watch out for:

Baby’s crossed eyes aren’t anything to worry about in the first six months. Beyond that, though, it could indicate something else, so it would be best if you contacted your doctor.

One possible reason for baby’s unusual eye movements is that it could be a case of strabismus. If it’s just one eye that’s all unsettled, it could be a case of lazy eye. In any case, check with your paediatrician about this to immediately remedy it.

We hope you enjoyed our article about weird but normal things that happen to your baby. Feel free to share your thoughts below.