10 Ways To Sleep Better – Simple Tips For Good Night’s Rest!

Do you need some tips for good sleep at night-time? It’s rare that a necessity is something that we can enjoy, and sleeping falls right in that category. Even more important is when you consider that this is an activity that you must make the most out of when you are with child.

After all, it’s not just you who gets to benefit from a good night’s sleep anymore; your baby’s developing body needs it even more.

So, here are a few tips we here at Babybalu can give you in order to have your much deserved forty winks every end of the day.

Say no to late-night snacks

Yup, your appetite may be in overdrive considering that you’re now eating for two, but listen to us when we say that you should try your best to hold off on food and drink a couple of hours before going to bed.

The problem is, your body works overtime trying to process whatever you take in, which means it could lead to heartburns and refluxes that will only keep your body unsettled throughout the night.

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Sleeping on your side is good

As much as possible, make it a habit to sleep on your side because the benefits to doing so will truly help you in the whole pregnancy.pregnant mom sleeping

For one, sleeping in this position helps relieve the stress you place on your uterus, which then allows you to breathe easier.

Secondly, you could forget about all those backaches from the weight you’re placing on it.

Oh, and here’s a bonus tip for you: try positioning yourself to the left, as this helps blood and nutrients flow toward your baby better.

Prop yourself for sleep

Sleeping is mostly about positioning, and one way to help you in this area is by elevating your head and upper body with a firm pillow. In doing so, you are reducing the amount of pressure in your midsection, which allows you to breathe smoother.

To make it easier for you, we suggest you opt for a full-body pillow when propping yourself for sleep.

Those few inches is what stands between a good night’s sleep and a stressful one, after all.

At ease! No need to toss and turn

Ever had one of those nights where you’re lying in bed, but your body feels like it wants to do something? Well, this might surprise you, but do try to get up in that case. You see, this pent-up energy dissipates better when your body is able to use it, so the best way to do this is by finding a boring activity that could spend it in minutes.

Here’s a suggestion: you could try simply folding your laundry or taking a quick stroll inside your house.

Yup, it’s a chore and it’s definitely not that enjoyable, but the point here is losing all that excess energy you have to get a night’s rest.

Make your bed comfypregnant woman

Of course, one of your top priorities when it comes to sleeping is getting as much comfort as you can. To help you with this, we recommend getting an assortment of pillows for your bed that you could use to prop yourself up and reduce the pressure you place on your back.

Plus, getting a mattress pad for your bed helps a ton in cases where you tend to get a lot of stress and aches on your muscles during bedtime.

Keep naps short and sweet

You probably hated this when you were a kid, but naps have become one of your closest friends now. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it: about half an hour a day is ideal. That’s because napping longer than that will have confused your body’s internal clock and possibly ruin your sleep habits, resulting in a very uncomfortable feeling when you wake up.

Keep in mind, though, you can take multiple naps a day; you just have to allow the proper amount of time for it.

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Turn down the temp

A woman’s body works double time during pregnancy, and this leads to increased body temperature. As a result of that, you end up feeling hotter than usual, which is an issue when it comes to sleeping.

To help you sleep better, you could try lowering the temperature of your room or just find that sweet spot you’re most comfortable with.

According to experts, most pregnant women prefer sleeping in 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize your preferred room temperature.

Remove all distractions

Getting in bed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to sleep right away. Perhaps you read a book or watch some television before doing so, but allow us to remind you that it’s best if you remove all forms of stimulation before getting some shuteye.

And that’s not limited to activities in bed; you should also avoid any intense physical activity before going to bed, as this could end up setting your body for more work, which will have you feeling unsettled throughout the night.

Keep the bed for sleep and sex only

Never ever associate the bed with activities outside of rest and making babies. But we don’t have to tell you about the latter, honestly: you’re already pregnant!

Sleeping in a dark room has enormous benefits

Having bright lights shine right in front of your face isn’t only irritating, but it could also potentially affect your pregnancy negatively.

According to experts, lights coming from electronics – that means your gadgets – could ruin your sleep cycle when it distracts you in the middle of your sleep, which then leads to lower melatonin levels that can ruin your body clock. We hope you enjoyed our tips for good sleep during pregnancy. Feel free to share and comment if you like our content.