21 Inspiring Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Today, we are going to explore nursery wall decor ideas. If there’s one thing that shows what personality you want your baby to have, then look no further than their rooms.

So, we here at Babybalu scoured the many, many wonderful ideas new parents have when it comes to decorating their infant’s chambers and came up with these 21 little gems that will hopefully have your creative juices running.

Hey, let us know what you come up with once you’ve been inspired by these beautiful baby room decors.

Hand-painted peonies = love

an example of a baby's room

Blogger and awesome mom Katie’s Pencil Box took designing her baby girl’s room a step further by painting it with this beautiful peony pattern, which not only looks absolutely superb but also has that touch of love in it. Moms are the best indeed!

Adorn them with vintage frames

Going for a smooth, classic feel for baby’s room? Go on and try hanging vintage wall décor on it and make the baby look like an absolute gentleman or lady. And hey, you don’t even have to spend time shopping for this kind of frame; get those creative juices flowing and make some of your own!

Baby’s first-word game

Nothing stimulates baby’s brain better than having words surrounding him or her, and a scrabble-inspired room does just the trick. Hey, nobody ever said you can’t have fun while being educational, right?

Baby’s sweet blue room!

Sometimes it’s all about how you blend colours when decorating your room, and combining blue, yellow, and red just makes it perfect for your little boy. If you have a girl, then how about switching it up with shades of pink and cream?

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Plain but bold

Hey, no one ever said that you can’t stand out with simplicity! Sometimes, a solid, calming shade of green can pull your baby’s room together and give it one very relaxing ambience.

Print pop

baby's crib

Are flowers and little aeroplanes not cutting it for you? We here at Babybalu.com suggest going a bit wild with the design and decorating baby’s room with beautiful pop art-inspired prints with bright colours. You’ll be the grooviest family in town!

Explore the world

Beautiful, educational, and downright epic, decorating your baby’s room with a large map makes it look like a whole world of its own!

Themes! Themes! Themes!

Pick your favourite kid-friendly character and make a mural out of it. The possibilities are just endless! Going for a superhero theme? Then adorn your walls with those capes and tights! Feeling like a total brony? Put those ponies on the wall and pass the pony love to your kid!


Come on, baby blues and pinks have become so common that it’s become almost meaningless to slather the color all over your walls. Instead, it’s better to try something more imaginative. So how about going for a butterfly pattern that’s equal parts whimsical and serene?

Quote that room!

Hey, parents always need inspiration, and one of the most effective ways to keep your mantras in mind is by placing a quote on your baby’s wall. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter once the little bundle of joy gets its first visitors.

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Decoupage works wonderfully

Hey, don’t limit yourself to paint and wallpaper! A DIY decoupage project works well for baby’s room. Plus, you even get to create any design your heart desires, so it’s definitely something you should try.

Gallery style!

Nothing says “personal touch” better than placing pictures of your wonderful family on the wall, and that’s exactly what you could go for!

Lullabies on walls!

Feeling a bit musical? Try decorating your baby’s room with framed lullabies to give it that gorgeous feel. Or, go on and paint musical notes on their walls! Either way, baby’s room will look absolutely melodious!

Colored alphabetbaby's room

All right, so you chose to keep your baby’s gender a surprise, which makes it hard to choose the color scheme you should go for. Don’t worry, though: a pretty alphabet pattern of varying sizes and colors works well for this! Problem solved!

Magic murals

Let your baby’s imagination run wild by doing a magic-themed mural on your wall. Even better, the designs you could use are all up to you when you consider doing this as a DIY project instead of opting for ready-made patterns.

Rustic feel

Oh, a rustic feel would simply make your baby’s room have this lived-in feel to it, so it’s pretty ideal!

Fun stripes

Yes, stripes may sound a bit plain, but it stands out when you add fun prints on them.
Checkered wall designs

Two shades and a bit of loving effort is all you need to make your baby’s room from plain to awesome! Checkered walls are simple, elegant, and especially affordable.

Animal themes

A wildlife theme full of cute little animals will have your baby chuckling and giggling the whole day.

Silhouettes of mom and dad

Want to make your baby’s room as personal as it gets? Try placing Victorian style profile silhouettes of your face on the walls for that truly gorgeous feel.

Owl theme

Help your baby get their wonderful forty winks by using an owl-themed design for the room. It’s calming and fun, so win-win!

We hope you enjoyed reading about nursery wall decor ideas and feel free to share your own ideas with us.