Baby Gags When Eating: 5 Tips for Baby’s Mealtime

Today, we here at Babybalu are going to share some tips for baby’s mealtime. Feeding time is one of the most important parts of baby’s daily routine, and it also is one of the most difficult given that you’re dealing with a fragile human being that’s about to put things into its mouth. Now, you might find baby’s eating habits a bit jarring at first, but here are a few tips to help you ease your mind:

1. A High Chair Can Work Wonders For You And Your Baby

A proper high chair so that baby has easy access to his or her food is very important, so make sure you choose one that’s sturdy enough that it keeps baby safe from tipping over and falling. Also, it’s best if you get a chair that’s easy to clean and comes with a built-in tray. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about cleaning up after mealtime, while the tray allows baby to ease into the habit of eating at the dining table. We also covered the topic of how to bed share safely with your baby so that you can say goodbye to sleeping troubles.

2. Mealtime Is Family Time

baby's mealtime
By Valentina Yachichurova [ CC BY 2.0 (], via Flickr
One way to make baby get used to eating at the dining table, and eventually adapt to other kinds of food, is by having him or her see what their parents are having for their meals. You see, babies rely on mimicking what’s around them in order to learn about the outside world, and this hands-on experience just expands his horizon.

Additionally, the idea of having family meals are known to have a positive effect on baby’s currently developing social skills, so make it a point to get together during breakfasts and dinners at home.

3. Let Your Baby Try Some Non-Baby Food From Time To Time

Yes, we all know that baby’s body could be a bit fragile, which means he or she can’t just have any food on the table. However, by the time the little bundle of joy reaches about 5 months and above, you can try letting him taste some of the food you’re having, too. Enough of the mush; let them have a taste of some of what you’re eating!

Like we said, babies love to copy whatever other people are doing around them, so take advantage of that curiosity to help them adapt to non-baby food.

4. The Mess Is A Part Of It

You might have known this already, but mealtimes could be really messy when you consider that your baby is still only learning how to properly perform the act of eating. As such, don’t blow your fuse whenever they spill or tip something over; it’s all just a part of it!

Hey, to save time on cleaning afterwards, make sure that you have extra mats or even old newspapers lying around the floor just to be prepared for the oncoming mess. Lastly, enjoy it! Dining with your baby is something to be cherished.

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5. Big To Small!

Unlike adults, who like to try something in smaller doses before stepping it up, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to baby’s eating habits. You see, their motor skills aren’t that developed yet, so grasping small pieces of food is harder for them and would in turn just cause more of a mess.

Rather, hand them larger portions, such as slices or chunks the size of your finger that they can hold with their tiny little hands and nibble at. From there, you can gradually make the pieces smaller as you train baby to hold smaller objects with their fingers instead of their whole hands.

We hope that you enjoyed our tips for baby’s mealtime. Good luck.