12 Fantastic Baby Products For Overwhelming Mums

Taking care of your newborn baby could be one heck of a task. Thankfully, we have made some leaps in bounds in this day and age that have granted us valuable tools like baby products that could aid us in raising a kid.

Having said that, we here at Babybalu have done some research to share with you some of the most useful products out there to help you and your baby!

1. Easy Travel Baby Bath

Travelling could be very difficult when you have a baby with you, but easy travel baby bath throws that problem right out the window! As we all know, hygiene is a top priority especially for your precious bundle of joy, so this portable tub proves just to be an invaluable tool for you and your family.

Whether you’re at a hotel or a relative’s house, the flexible material the Puji Flyte bath uses can adjust to any sink out there.

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2. Advanced Breast Pump

We have heard so many stories involving those poor new moms, whose breast pumps just aren’t doing the job, leaving them with a very painful experience. Those days are over, though, because we now have the . This unit does exactly what it needs to: take the breast milk and send it straight into your baby’s bottle.

Unlike other models out there, however, the Lansinoh Affinity was built with the primary goal of a comfortable experience. Aside from the extra soft flanges it has, it also comes with a special gel you put on yourself to ease the pressure on your breasts.

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3. The Baby Food Maker Of Your Dreams

Baby’s have a very specialized diet, and we know how insanely difficult making some for your precious son or daughter could be.

However, the folks at Beaba have come up with the , which eases the whole process.

For one, this baby food processor is compact, so it won’t take up a whole lot of space in the kitchen. But, more importantly, this dandy little wonder of a tool is able to process and reheat food with so much as a button press.

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4. Posh Nursing Covers

If you ask us, there’s nothing more beautiful in this world than seeing a mom feed her baby the natural way. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of ignorant fools that find that unacceptable, and we sometimes need to adjust to these clowns.

To help you with that, there’s the , a versatile nursing cover that doubles as a scarf or shawl. Plus, it comes in different patterns to match your fashion sense.

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5. Portable Breast Milk Warmers

The problem with heating milk is that it could lessen a number of nutrients your baby can get because of all that evaporation going on. With the , though, that’s nothing to worry about.

This handy milk warmer is perfect for late nights where mom needs some much-needed rest and it’s all up to someone else to feed the little gal or guy.

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6. Breastfeeding Bottles

Sometimes, even mom needs her body to recuperate from breastfeeding. As such, the is a useful baby bottle that has some pretty great features.

First, it has a valve that helps the baby control the flow of milk they’re drinking.

Then, there’s the nipple vent that stops babies from accidentally swallowing air.

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7. Fashionable Bibs

Aside from being snazzy, have a more important feature that proves to be invaluable during feeding time..

It has a pocket that can catch the spilt food instead of making a mess of it on the floor or the little gal/guy’s lap!

Plus, the material used for these bibs are easy to clean.

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8. Pacifier Cleaners

Something that’s often overlooked when it comes to baby’s hygiene is their pacifiers, so it’s only important that you’re sure that they’re always clean before your bundle of joy starts sucking on them again.

With the , you’ll be able to sanitize those things quickly and anywhere!

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9. Super-Versatile High Chair

Once you have this, you won’t need another chair for your baby. And we’re not exaggerating when we say that. You see, the is a high chair with a whole lot of adjustable features, such as its recliner and height, which means you can use it even long after baby gains a few pounds.

The product is on the pricey side but we think it’s worth the investment.

Amazon.com has it available, so feel free to visit the site and check one out.

10. Adjustable Diapers

are perhaps the ones with most mileage to them.

These reusable diapers not only keep the bundle of joy free from any potty accidents for four house but the snaps and tabs it has to make sure that you can use it on your baby for a long time.

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11. Hip Diaper Bags

There’s no need to spend an absurd amount of cash for a trusty and fashionable diaper bag.

has multiple designs and collections, which offers diaper bags of various designs and styles in under a hundred dollars!

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12. Dream Stroller

One of the main problems with strollers is that it’s just too hard to find space for it even if you can fold them, and that’s not even mentioning how hard folding it could be.

However, seems to have solved that problem, since it’s the kind of model that you can fold even with just one hand and into a very convenient flat, space-saving unit. Plus, it has a lot of storage space for when you’re out with your baby. It’s available at Amazon.com.

We hope that you like this useful list of baby products and make sure that you share your thoughts with us.