What Is Babywearing and the Tremendous Benefits (Wear Your Baby With Pride)

Are you wondering what is babywearing and what are its benefits? Going out of your house when you have a baby could be quite difficult. Apart from having to be extra careful during trips, be it long or short, you have to push around strollers or carry bags to hold everything that your baby needs (or even do both).

However, there is a way to make life simpler for you moms out there, and it’s something that can even make you and your child grow closer compared to putting them in a stroller.

We are talking about none other than the age-old tradition of babywearing.

Now, what is babywearing and the tremendous benefits of this carrying method?

Well, allow us here at Babybalu to enlighten you!

The Babywearing Basics

By BadWolfBobbi [ CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)], via Flickr
Also known as baby carrying, this particular activity is just as it sounds: it involves you wearing a carrier to go around with your baby.

Now, this might all sound new to you, especially if this is your first time having a baby around, but it’s actually been around for a long, long time. From the West to the East, mothers have been using specially designed carriers for hundreds of years.

However, it was mostly left by the wayside for some reason over the course of history, but thankfully, it has come back in a big way.

Mothers everywhere are getting into the whole babywearing craze, and their maternal minds can’t get enough of it.

The Tremendous Benefits of Babywearing

Primarily, wearing or carrying your baby using a carrier is hugely convenient. Unlike strollers where you have to constantly check whether if the baby’s doing alright and having to go round back again to move them, babywearing makes sure that your hands are free, all the while keeping your baby close to you.

So close, in fact, that you guys can literally feel each other’s touch! And that’s just the beginning of it.

Babywearing is perfect for breastfeeding.

Now, we know that we don’t have to tell you that each and every mom and child out there share a special bond, and having your baby as close to you as possible makes sure that this connection is at its strongest.

Particularly, moms can become aware whether their little tyke is hungry right away when they’re close to each other.

Apart from that, carriers can also double as nursing supports or covers, making it easier to feed anytime and anywhere.

Babies love snuggling up to their moms

Having your baby with you in a carrier makes them less likely to fuss or cry. After all, there’s no reason for baby to belt out when he or she knows they’re with the best person in the world: mom.

Carriers promote proper physical development

babywearing mother
By Andrew Dawes [ CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)], via Flickr
Especially when it comes to their craniums and spines. You see, when they end up always having to lie down or have their heads planted on a surface (like a car seat), their skulls become prone to deformities.

Their spines, on the other hand, could have some problems with poor posture. As such, baby carriers position your kids in a way that both the cranium and spine of your baby are in just the right angle to make sure they develop properly.

How do I start Babywearing?

Now, we’re not gonna lie and tell you that babywearing is as simple as putting your left foot forward because it’s not. However, don’t most things start out difficult until we get the hang of it? Sure, you might your initial encounters with your baby carrier to be a bit tiresome, but believe us when we say that it is more than worth it!

After just a bit of practice and a few runs on it, you’ll be reaping its benefits in no time. One way of babywearing that is not too hard is through using moby wraps.

What are these Baby Carriers, anyway?

Well, there are three basic types of baby carriers, and you’ll want to choose which one suits you and your baby’s needs best.

Here are the main types, so you’d know which ones just right for you:

#1 Babywearing slings

Commonly known simply as slings, these carriers are made of one whole length of durable cloth.

This type of carrier is worn over one shoulder and goes across your midsection, which makes them ideal for smaller babies out there, particularly newborns.

The thing is, the fabric that these carriers use may be durable, but it doesn’t sacrifice any comfort for that, which means that your little bundle of joy can snuggle right in it.

However, it doesn’t mean that heavier and bigger babies can’t go in slings, too. The truth is, the bigger your baby gets, the more carrying positions they can handle with a sling, not to mention they can even go into a sitting position in it as well.

If you’re looking for one yourself, you have the option when it comes to what kind of fabric you want used, and even whether you want it to come with adjustable rings. We covered the topic of best ring slings already and you may take a look if you are interested.

#2 Babywearing Wraps

Don’t let these wonderful carriers fool you. They may seem simple, considering they’re just made out of a length of fabric and are some of the most affordable out there, but these are very versatile, sturdy, and comfortable carriers that could handle a variety of carrying methods.

Commonly, these are worn over your shoulders and torso.

#3 Soft Structured Carriers

This type of carrier is crafted out of soft padding and has a curve to it structured in the shape of a seat for your baby.

Most of the time, you’re going to find that these things have buckles, rings, and straps, which makes for a very simple setup if you’re on the go.

Ideally used for carrying your baby for long periods of time, these soft structured carriers come in a variety of styles and materials, too, so just choose which one is perfect for you.


If you ask us here at Babybalu, we’ll say that we’d take babywearing over strollers anytime. Not only are they beneficial to both you and your baby, but they’re oh so convenient once you learn how to set them up. Here’s to you joining the whole practice! Good luck!