Which Is The Best Baby Bath Tubs For 2018? (Guide And Reviews)

Are you looking for bathtubs for your newborn? The term “bath tub” always gives us a feeling of cozy and warm feeling. We adults rejoice when we think of bath tubs and a hot shower right at the end of a tiring day.

But the same pair of words makes us cautious when we set out to buy the toddler tub for our kids.

Frankly, the kids’ bath tub is much smaller, and you can virtually pick it up and place it in your sink. But you’ll have to be extra careful when choosing one.

There are many factors at play when narrowing down on an ideal baby bath tub. Even though there are many options, only a few would fit the bill.

I’ve made baby bathtub shortlist that will prove handy in your research.

*Please note that this list does not include inflatable bathtubs as they stand entirely in a different category.

our pick

Voted BEST bathtub in BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks 2014 awards

Features a mesh sling and padded headrest for extra support and comfort


Nothing’s better than a baby bath tub that you can wash on a machine and then dry, right?

First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub is just that, and it comes with a headrest.

The headrest allows your infant to have a comforting position when you bathe him/her. Along with that, you will have a sling made of mesh to comfort your kid’s hands and provide security.

Furthermore, you can use this bath tub well past your baby’s toddler years since it is big enough to accommodate growing children.

There are pads to prevent your baby from slipping. These pads are mildew resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about your child’s health.


These Are Our Favourites Too!

Support multiple bathing positions, up to 2 years old.

PRIMO EuroBath has the anatomical shape. This shape allows the much-needed safety of your kid’s forearms and legs. This plastic-made bath tub is just the right one to own.


Manufacturers used BPA-free stuff in the making. Also, you don’t have to worry about Phthalate or Lead for that matter.

This USA made furniture allows your kid to have two bathing positions. Parents can clean this bath tub quickly without any fuss. The makers claim that this is the largest baby bath tub there is. So, parents can use this for children up to 2 years of age.


Collapsible design and hook make storing easy

Simple, one piece design makes transitioning between stages easy without losing parts


This next best baby bath tub candidate will solve the storage problem we talked about earlier.

The collapsible design works well for Boon Naked Bathtub. There is even a hook in place.

You can hang the bath tub and let it dry after your baby is done with it.

The support brace rotates. This allows your kid to be in a favorable position while bathing. You can quickly and easily secure him/her.

Of course, it supports your infant well into the toddler age. The simple, one-piece design has a big part to play in that.

There is a drain plug in place. So, you can drain the water and clean the tub after your kid finishes bathing.


Soothe baby with calming vibrations during bath time

Baby can relax in a soothing, spa-like setting. Three “grow-with-me” stages, each with optional calming vibrations, help soothe baby.


The baby “spa” water vibration is supposed to keep your baby calm while bathing.

Fisher-Price does just that with a superior vibration massage system.

The bath tub even has a sling that allows your child to rest in the water while taking a wash.

It is a nice addition and children enjoy a comfortable bathing thanks to that.

The best thing is, the sling is adjustable and removable. So, when your kid gets too big for the bathtub, just remove the sling, and you’ll be fine.

On top of that, it fits in single or double sinks and has a hook to hang this up and let it dry. It is a convenient bathtub for parents.



Allows you to bathe baby in a safe, padded space, and saddle horn keeps baby from sliding down in tub.


This baby bath tub from Mommy’s Helper can be taken to trips wherever you go. It is lightweight and portable to suit your needs.

The unit is padded to comfort the newborns and toddlers alike.​

Worried about this bath tub being safe? You don’t have to. It is not slippery as most of the bath tubs are. Instead, you will have padding to make sure your child enjoys bathing.

Also, there are suction cups on the bottom of the tub. These cups keep the tub in one place while your child enjoys a nice wash.

After your baby’s proper wash, you’d want to clean the bathtub properly. Thankfully, parents can do that via a draining plug. Just pull the plug, and the water will drain automatically.


Large Newborn-To-Toddler Sized Tub

Bathtub grows with your child.

This product carries baby from infancy through toddler ages. The tub has four stages that grow with your child to make bath time easier and more convenient for both parent and baby.


First of all, it can be a great bath tub in the sink for your newborn. And if you want to shower your toddler kid outside, Summer Infant bath even has a sling for that.

If you want to use it beyond the toddler years of your child, there’s a shower along with the bath tub as well.

The best thing is, the shower can be removed. It allows you to have extra space in the tub that you can use to put toys and other things inside.

The tub is safe and sound material-wise. Also, your kid can use this tub even after he’s able to use the regular adult bath tub.


How To Choose The Best Baby Bath Tub

Let us jump into the part where I tell you what factors you need to look at while choosing one.

Choose the right type of bathtub

There are two or three kinds of baby bath tub out there. You can go for convertible bath tubs that work nicely for infants and toddlers.

The foldable tubs do well for storage options, and the plastic tubs are mildew resistant and lightweight.

Parents will do well to look for a temperature gauge in the bath tub

These temperature gauges (sometimes digital) show you if the water temperature is below 120 degrees Celsius for the bathing water to be safe for your children. So, buying a tub with such gauge is helpful.

Make sure the bathtub you buy has non-skidding surface

A good quality non-skidding surface prevents the little ones from slipping up while soaped up and hurting themselves in the process.

Look for a bath tub that has a water line printed on the inside

That water line will tell you exactly how much water you need inside to fill the bath tub properly. Filling up water over the mark potentially endangers your children.

Get the Best Baby Bath Tub with a draining plug

A quality draining plug ensures that getting water out of the bathtub once you are done bathing your child is easy.