Which Is The Best Baby Carrier For Dad In 2018? (Guide And Reviews)

Hello daddy! Looking to purchase your first ever baby carriers but don’t know where to start from?

To save you the trouble of going through the mind-boggling amounts of designs and features of carriers, I’ll provide you with a shortlist of some of our favourite ones.

our pick

Exclusive feature: Integrated chair harness transforms adult chair into a safe seat for baby

Use from baby to toddler (15-45 lbs) and newborns (starting at 7 lbs) with baby booster (sold separately)


Onya Baby Outback Baby Carrier features an Ergonometric design. The best thing is that this carrier features a chair.

There is an accessory called “Baby Booster.” It is sold separately. But with it, fathers can carry their child well into the “Toddler” stage.

The Rip-stop nylon material enables it to be used in any type of climate or weather conditions you may think of. The sleeping hood can be stored in the carrier for convenience. There are storage pockets for necessary accessories too.

I’d say this is the best baby carrier for the dad who’s an adventurist like me. You can wear the carrier in three different positions.

Weight is hardly an issue, and state-of-the-art fabric and safety mechanisms ensure your child remains comforted and safe while you go on hardest of adventures in any weather condition.

Onya is better for babies 15lbs and up due to it’s larger size.


We Like These Too - Carriers For Different Purposes

Versatile length, front carry baby wraps

The carrier is simple to pack away and small enough to fit in a diaper bag or in your car. Just unpack and put on for those times when you need to be hands free.


What intrigues me about BabyPeta is the soft fabric it comes with. With this, your baby is feeling comfortable too.

The wrap keeps your toddler (it supports weight from 5lbs to 35lbs) secure and tight against your chest.

The cotton fabric is breathable. You can easily wrap it around your baby. The logo is right there in the middle. It helps you steering clear about which side to put under and which to put on your baby.

This is a lightweight sling. The sling itself won’t add weight to your shoulders, back or waist. Plus, you will be able to move around uninterrupted. Baby Peta is stylish and for both parent and child. 


Has a big, roomy pocket to carry all your essentials

It’s easy to take off without waking the baby.


Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh makes my list of best baby carrier for dad because of the versatility and features.

Fathers can cradle their babies in a natural position (the sitting position).

You can carry the baby in three ways. It provides service starting from a 7lbs baby to a 45lbs one.

Of course, this thing is machine washable and comfortable for both baby and the father. It distributes weight evenly to your hips and shoulders and removes stress from your back.

The mesh is used in the making of this thing. It makes the baby carrier more breathable.


Soft, breathable fabric

Made from a soft, durable, blended textile that evenly distributes the weight of carrying a baby across the back and hips.


Dads can use this baby carrier from newborn to toddler. It supports weight from 8 to 35 lbs.

The best thing about this wrap is that it uses the entire back and shoulders of yours to distribute the weight of your baby evenly.

In doing so, this wrap eliminates the chances of fathers suffering from backaches or shoulder strains.

There are no thin straps like the conventional baby carriers. You can adjust the baby sling carrier quickly according to the weight of your baby.

The cotton-spandex combo material expands as your child grows. So, you can use Moby Wrap well into the toddler stage.

For working dads, it practically doesn’t have any weight of its own. You can take it anywhere.

Most fathers concern themselves with “How odd a baby slinger will look?” But this one looks healthy and blends in with anything you wear. It is for every occasion that you might think of.


6 different carrying positions + hip seat.

Suitable to be worn by all statures for carrying your baby from 3 months to 36 months, between 8lbs and 44lbs.


This BabySteps Ergonomic baby carrier has 6 different carrying positions for multiple occasions and purposes!

The easy to clip “quick-tie” buckers is very handy too.

The baby carrier comes with hit seat carrier too, where your child can face outwards and observe the world.

The max load for this carrier is 44lbs (20Kg), and suitable from infant to toddler (age:3-36 months)


Choosing The Right Career Carrier For Dads

Wearing your baby around is the next fashionable thing to do for men. No, I’m not joking when I say, “Fathers can wear their baby around while being every bit stylish and comfortable, not losing to female counterpart”.

There have been numerous studies suggesting babies and toddlers like to hang out with their dad just as much as they like it with their moms.

The purpose of this article to guide fellow dads in choosing a suitable baby carrier for the younger version of themselves –  without overwhelming with choices.

Just to make things easier on the dads, I’ve included “pros and cons” in the reviews so you can make quick decisions based on that.

Why Baby Carriers Specifically For Dads?

I’d say every dad needs one! It doesn’t matter if you are a workaholic or too occupied to spend time with your baby; the truth is, you need to have a infant carrier that fits our larger body frame (and look good wearing it too).

Carrying your baby around while you go about your own business is helpful in mending fences and building a relationship between the little angels and you.

Believe it or not, the little ones enjoy a father’s company. They love when you keep them beside your chest or carry them around your back while you walk or work.

With the right baby carrier, dads will feel at ease and have no back strains or shoulder pains.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Baby Carrier

Just in case you haven’t realise yet – baby carriers are also called sling carriers

The baby career you want should be tight. It should always be close to your back or chest. You need to keep your baby in your view all the time.

This way, you can monitor what the little one is doing all the time. You can monitor and keep your baby away from harm.

Having a baby carrier can keep your baby close, be ready to show your fatherly affection anytime you want.

Choosing a right-sized baby carrier can help you keep your baby’s chin off your chest too. That will help prevent unnecessary pressure from being applied and hurting your kid.

Also, don’t forget that your comfort matters too! Always choose a baby carrier that supports your back. It will keep stress, backaches and shoulder strains away from you.

Decide for how long do you want a baby carrier – some people prefer a baby carrier just for the “Infant” stage of a baby. While this is great, choosing a baby carrier that would support your baby well into toddler stage. So buy one which lasts long.

Get the right material for yours and your kid’s comfort. Many of us often change gears to buy the cheapest of the carriers. They save few bucks alright but often compromise on the material. In return, they take on the risks of backaches, shoulder strains and waist pains due to long time carrying.

Believe it or not, you are putting your kid at risk as well. These materials can harm your kid’s skin. Always buy the baby carrier which is soft and has non-interactive materials.

Buy a baby carrier which keeps your kid secure. Look for a carrier that guarantees safe keeping of your baby’s spine and shoulders. Go for an ergonomic baby carrier.

You should choose one with organic fabrics as that would sooth the skin of your toddler.

Final Verdict

As I draw a conclusion to this rather long article, I hope to have help you decide which is the best baby carrier for dads. There are a lot of aspects you need to look at while purchasing a comfortable baby carrier as a father.

If you aren’t willing to go through the elaborate troubles, just sort the ideal ones out from my shortlist.

These baby carriers are perfect in many aspects and within different circumstances. You just need to find out what features you need and then pick the ideal one that matches your criteria and price range.