What Is The Best Baby Cribs and Bedding Sets For 2018? (Guide and Review)

Right after a baby is born, parents worry about the natural growth of the baby in physical, mental and psychological aspect. One way to ensure that growth is providing the baby a proper sleep.

As is the case with most babies, they require a special bed where they can sleep peacefully. Moms and dads do look for specialized beds, cradles, bassinet and what not? But I am for looking out for Best Baby Cribs and Bedding Sets here at Babybalu.

What Are Baby Cribs?

Call them smallest beds if you like. Cribs are beds with protections on all sides for your toddler. The cribs also come with mattresses to provide comfort to your child. You also get to buy them separately if you choose.

You can classify Baby Crib furniture sets based on the price range. You’ll have low-end cribs, mid-priced cribs and then the high-end ones. Obviously with price, perks and benefits vary as well.

There are portable cribs as well. These are smaller than your regular baby cribs. There are Play Yards available also. These things make sure your baby is safeguarded when you are traveling.

Many hotels don’t have cribs or baby crib bedding sets. A portable crib comes handy in situations like this.

Why Do You Need Best Baby Cribs And Bedding Sets?

For your child’s safety, a crib is needed. There are some alternatives to a baby crib. But they don’t provide your child with the security measures.

There are lowered baby beds to look at. But they quickly fall out of the picture thanks to the lack of security. A baby can easily fall off the bed when the adults are not looking.

In another case, the crib bedding sets provide comfort and security. Baby cribs have walls. These walls prevent the infants from tipping over, falling off or making unnatural movements.

To get in and out of the furniture, the baby requires the help of an adult which is ideal considering the age of your toddler. For the older babies, cribs come with removable doors that you can take away. These convertible cribs make good baby beds too.

Portable and convertible baby cribs do great when you are traveling. No matter how hard one argues, sometimes baby beds and trundles aren’t an option when moving in hotels for a single or two nights.

If you have a portable crib with you, the job is that much easier. You can just set it up; put your baby to rest within minutes.

How To Buy The Best Baby Cribs And Bedding Sets?

Choosing a favorable crib for your toddler is a hard task. There is an air of negativity around cribs. So many things can easily go wrong when choosing the ideal one.I went ahead and listed factors you should consider while making your purchase. Please read about them below.

Look for a sturdy crib. It is no good if you buy baby crib sets that are wobbly or move around when you assemble them. A sturdy crib means your precious child will not fall off along with the crib itself.

Do not go for drop-side baby cribs. The drop side cribs are those which require you to pull a side down to have your baby out. But these cribs have been responsible for at least 32 deaths in the past 10 years.

Go for Single drop side cribs. These are the perfect alternatives for drop side cribs. Single drop side means that you can lower the gate on one side to get your child out.This is basically the same as drop side ones. The only difference is your child remains a lot safer.

Best Baby Cribs in 2016 have mattress support board underneath. It is a board that sits on top of springs in most cases. See that your crib has one. You’ll be able to lift or lower the support board to adjust the mattress height for your toddler.

Get versatile furniture for your toddler. There are many cribs for kids which turn into toddler beds later. Convertible ones are especially beneficial when you have twins.

Make sure the baby crib you choose has side rails and spindles that are screwed and glued to top and bottom rails. This guarantees the safety of your kid.

The standard safety feature is, each bar/rod has to be 2 3/8 inches apart from each other (at least). Make sure the measurement is accurate with a ruler before you buy one.

Another good thing to do is to buy cribs with teething rails. As a mother, I can speak out of the experience. Our little ones like to gnaw on the rails and bars.

To prevent any damage on their jaws, the side rails and bars are covered with plastic. Parents need to get ones that have this feature.

​the Best Baby Cribs And Bedding Sets That Money Can Buy For You

Finally, I’m done with the factors that influence your purchasing decisions. Keeping all the factors in play and choosing the ideal crib can be difficult for new parents.

For that reason, I am recommending you 5 cribs for kids that I found compatible with all the factors I mentioned below.

our pick

Convertible Into 4 Designs

This crib can be converted into a daybed, toddler bed, or full-size bed. Full Size Bed Rails sold separately.

The Delta Children Canton is a gift for your baby, which can take 4 different forms from one.

It is actually a convertible crib, which can be converted to a toddler bed. Use it as a daybed and a full-size bed if you like.

The measurement of 54.5 x 34.5 x 43.5 inches provides room for your kid to move around. With the weight of 62 pounds, it is one of the mid-weight baby cribs around.

The Baby Crib Delta comes with both headboard and footboard. As a result, your child can keep using this even when they are going to Kinder Garden. And the mattress is made to be adjusted in 3 positions.

Anything that relates to your baby must be safe for them. The Delta Convertible Crib has been certified by JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC. The crib is tested to have a non-toxic, lead-free finish. And the finish is espresso. Its material is Cherry Wood. It is very easy to assemble.

3-in-1 Convertible with mobility

Crib converts to toddler bed and daybed, with wheels included for mobility.

The DaVinci Jenny Lind is a 3-in-1 haven for any baby. It even has a white color. DaVinci is made from New Zealand Pine Wood, which makes this convertible crib very sustainable.

It can be converted into a toddler bed and a daybed from a crib. Even if you are buying one furniture from DaVinci, you are actually getting three.

The mattress is made to support in 4 levels. It’s not just convertible. You can lower or raise it according to your kid’s preference and height. It is also mobile, due to wheels attached. I’d say it’s perfect for traveling along with your child.

Jenny Lind Convertible Crib is a safe place for your baby to sleep and play. It is tested to be free of lead and phthalate. The white finish is non-toxic. Certified by JPMA, this crib’s safety is assured by the ASTM and U.S. CPSC.

This white baby crib is actually Greenguard certified. Meaning, this product is made from environment-friendly materials


Light, for travels

It is simple to set up and fold up in one simple movement, perfect for both longer trips and short visits.

Babies always need their comfy cribs, apart from their mother’s bosom. But it can’t always be carried around.

And BABYBJORN has come up a crib, which can be carried around, folded and stored when not necessary. Their crib is made to be able to travel with you.

The edges, mesh, and the mattress everything is soft to your baby’s skin. The mesh is airy, to ensure proper ventilation. Not to mention this baby crib set is easy to set up and fold whenever you need. It is a matter of minutes.

The fabric material of BABYBJORN Travel Crib is tested to be safe for your baby. It is approved according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. The whole thing is removable and washable.

This package weighs only 12 pounds! It is super light and includes a comfortable mattress inside too. It presents an excellent alternative to baby crib bedding sets that have standard side rails and bars.

Instead, the fabrics do the job and keep your baby from tipping over. Innovative “Airy Design” maintains transparency. You can monitor your little one from outside as he plays.

3-in-1 Convertible with smooth corners

With natural spindles, gently curved corners, and delicate natural feet.


Thanks to the “Convertible Kit” that is included with the white baby crib, you can convert it in any of the three. It only takes a minute or two to get the job done.

It is made from New Zealand pine wood to ensure durability. The crib itself is designed with natural spindles and gently curved corners. This will prevent any accidents that may occur while your child is in it.

The white finish is non-toxic. It is free of lead and phthalate. Babyletto Lolly assures safety standards set by ASTM International and U.S. CPSC. It is JPMA Certified. But the weight of this crib can be a bit of a concern if you want to move it around.


With the short reviews on these reputed brands, we come to the end of our grand and ultimate guide to choosing the best baby crib.

I tried to cover the basic concept of cribs, factors you can look into while purchasing one and even gave you few choices you can take a look at.But let me say this, these brands aren’t the only ones that are popular. You can find much better with just a bit of research.

These are just a few from the internet to get you started. That being said, these brands in the article cover pretty much all the aspects you need to look into while purchasing the ideal baby cribs for your kids.

​I hope you enjoyed reading about the best baby cribs and bedding sets. Feel free to share your thoughts with me.