Which Is The Best Bassinets For 2018? (Review And Guides)

As a parent, what is the most important choice you had to make after your baby is born? For me, it was between two furniture of her nursery. I was over the moon when our little princess saw daylight. But when it came to designing the nursery of hers, we were in a fix between choosing a bassinet and a crib.

For those of you who don’t know, bassinet and crib are places where your infant or toddler might sleep for one to three years of his/her life. That way, both the crib and the bassinet are the same. BUT subtle differences are there between these two. So I will focus on the best bassinets for your baby here today.


I understand that finding the perfect bassinet for your baby’s nursery can be a hard task. That is why I’ve tried to narrow down choices and suggest you few popular brands that are trending today. So here are the best bassinets for your baby:

our pick
360 degrees rotation
Ideal for nursing mothers and mothers recovering from C-sections.

The HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet is one of the unique bassinets that has the capacity of rotating 360 degrees. This feature provides comfort and convenience to the users.

You can keep your baby close to you for the flexible design of this bassinet. It provides safety to your child while you are asleep.

The sturdy construction quality of this bassinet makes it last long. The stable base with four points can be adjusted to accommodate 22” to 34” beds. The compact design of this bassinet lets you easily store it under the bed.

I like the function of the Bassinet. It has a soothing nightlight feature along with soft music, lullabies, vibration and nursing timer. You will also be pleased with the 30-minute automatic shut-off option.

The materials that are used to make this bassinet are safe with Health Canada safety standards for your child. The mattress pad doesn’t contain any toxicity and also burn-free. It is one of the most recommended bassinets in the market for the quality and unique features

Elegant and graceful looking

Generous space and size for baby


If you are looking for a comfortable bassinet for your baby, then the Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet is the right choice for you.

The bassinet is designed to give proper shade to your baby protecting him from the harsh light. The round shape and the soft bumper makes it comfortable for your baby.

The height of the canopy is adjustable making it versatile for different users. Also, the elegant design and color make it look beautiful in your bedroom. I love the construction quality of this product. The sturdy wood makes it last long and also can be washed with regular water.

The skirt of the bassinet is made with pleated fabric, which covers the storage shelf. You can keep the diapers, towels and other materials in that self. To move the bassinet, there is a caster wheel.

With 32 inches’ diameter, the bassinet may seem little large for some people. Although, it makes it more user-friendly and comfortable.


Built in leg-extension for mobility

Clear and “see-though” bassinet enable monitoring around the room.


The Arm’s Reach Bassinet is made with a unique design to let your child sleep right next to you.

The comfortable design helps you to reach over for your baby very quickly. It also makes feeding your baby very comfortable and easy.

The bassinet is made of 100 percent polyester, which makes it very easy to clean with regular water. The soft interior padding makes the bassinet a comfortable one for the new born babies. They can sleep without peace in this bassinet.

Also, you will be pleased with the height adjustability of this bassinets. This adjustability helps the mother to pull the bassinet closer without any trouble. The product is extremely helpful for the mothers who are recovering from C-sections.

I like the sound design of this bassinet. It is furnished with breathable materials, which are safer for your children. You can also clean the bassinet very quickly. Mothers, who are looking for a solution to sleep right beside their kids, it a perfect solution.

Handcrafted and elegant

The removable basket nestles into a solid birch rocker base. Multiple uses when baby outgrew the bassinet.

The Monte Design Ninna Nanna Bassinet is renowned for its simple and beautiful design.

The quality of the materials that are used to make this bassinet are the highest class. The basket is crafted with hands and looks nice on the bassinet.

The base is made with sturdy birch wood. It makes the bassinet sturdy and long-lasting. To make it comfortable for the new-born babies, the company uses soft sides with micro suede covers.

The covers are easily washable with normal water. Also, the mattress is made with polyester fibers. So, cleaning and using this product is very easy for the mothers.

I like the bassinet for the smart design, which lets the mother keep a close look for their children. The removable basket makes it portable. You can carry it anywhere with your baby. There are two cotton mattress sheets, which are safe and washable.

With the excellent aesthetic and user-friendly nature of the bassinet, you do not have to think a lot before buying this one.


First of all, bassinets are smaller than the average crib. They are much easier to move around the house. Sometimes they are referred to as baby bassinet stroller. Bassinets can be covered up to safeguard your baby.

Just unzip, unwind or pull up the skirt to take your baby in your arms and do the opposite after you put him/her back. There can be storage facilities underneath or on top of the bassinets.

Cribs on the other side are bigger than bassinets. They can be used for a much longer period of your baby’s life. Your child can go into the “Toddler” stage with them. Cribs are not exactly movable. For safety, you have the wall rails and bars which on some occasions, can damage the baby.

With a bassinet, you can sleep with your baby in the same room. If the bassinet is small enough, it can be placed inside the room and beside parents’ bed for comfortable sleeping. It makes midnight feeding of the baby easier. Plus, the baby will love how snug a bassinet stroller is. You can read more about the difference between cribs and bassinets in detail if you want.


If I’m given the choice, I’ll choose bassinets over cribs. There are reasons for that choice of course. First of all, you can move the bassinet along with you around the house. It allows you to keep your baby close to you. That is a big step towards the safety of babies.

Secondly, bassinets are handy when you are traveling with your family including your child. The best portable bassinet will provide wheels and other accessories to move it around swiftly. Baby bassinets are also lightweight than cribs. These will help you if you have storage crisis.

Bassinets keep your baby secure. We prefer products that have an open and closure system to help your baby get proper sleep. This way, the baby can remain safe from mosquito bites or any other insect attacks.

Cribs hardly protect your toddler from those. In fact, sometimes the rails of the cribs might hurt your precious baby’s jaws when the little one tries to chew on them.


There are few things you need to keep in mind before hitting the purchase button for any bassinets or cribs for that fact. I’ve listed them below for expectant or new parents to have a glance.

Firm Mattress: 

Your Bassinet of choice needs to be firm and cozy mattress for your kid to sleep on. It will provide the comfort he needs.

The capacity of withstanding your baby’s weight: 

The best bassinet for a baby that you choose needs to be solid at the bottom part. It will give the furniture enough strength to hold your child’s weight.

Sturdy Furniture: 

Make sure you choose a baby bassinet that is sturdy. Before purchasing, check for the integrity of the nuts and bolts. Also, purchase those bassinets that fold to save storage. Check for the sturdiness of the locks in the bottom. It will prevent your baby bassinet from folding when you don’t need it to.

Pay Close Attention to the Slates: 

Measure up the slates accurately. The slates of your baby’s bassinet must be 2 3/8 inches apart from each other. Any more and the baby can get stuck in between the slates.

Ease of Use: 

Consider the “Ease of use” before buying a bassinet. There are some bassinets that are easy to use. You can put your baby in those easily than the others.


Feel free to do your own bit of studying and choose the best one that complements your baby’s nursery. Keep in mind that comfort of your baby comes first and the security matters the most when he’s asleep.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the best bassinets according to my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.