Best Baby Monitor For Twins – Guide & Reviews

Having twins is a form of joy that few people have. While these guys are double the pleasure and the fun, they do pose challenges for the parents. The daunting task of keeping an eye on them constantly.

It is just one of many hurdles during post pregnancy days. Thankfully, you won’t have to run around them and repeatedly carry them everywhere with you.

Just buy the best baby monitor for twins and it will keep them under constant surveillance and do your job for you.

This unit is mainly one parent monitor with two cameras. The cameras serve as your eyes, and the monitor is the display feed for you to look at to keep a tag on your children while you are busy in your kitchen or at work.

So, how to purchase the ideal monitor for surveilling twins? This will be answered in the following part of the guide. Also, I’ve racked up few of my own suggestion regarding which the best baby monitor for twins is. So, read on.

How to Buy Best Baby Monitor for Twins

I understand there are many products which can be used to monitor twins. But out of these, the only handful will serve the needs of the parents. There are those which will lack in features as well.

So how to choose the apt one for the job? This section will give you few tips to select the ideal baby monitor for twins without you stretching a single brain muscle.

Choose a unit which has Split Monitor facility

Many of the lower priced units AKA Monitor for Twins are equipped with only one screen. The screen is suitable to view only one child at a time. But few are fitted with a split screen.

The split screen can help you with twin cameras at the very lowest. There are more than two screens for some models.

You will do well to purchase a unit which allows the cameras to be set in several positions. Along with pan, tilt and zoom capacities, the ability to position two cameras in different areas of your twin nursery can mean you’ll be able to watch your kids from better angles.

Twin monitors must have a good range of coverage

You are essentially dealing with a parent unit and two cameras. So, better wifi coverage will do you wonders. You can put your entire house into surveillance for your babies.

If you have separate power cords for each of the three units, it’s great. Then you can save battery life and vice-versa.

Sound and video output of your parent unit and camera should be impeccable

The last thing you’d want is your kids not visible properly through the camera and not hearing what the little ones are up to.

You’d do well to purchase products which have LED bars to indicate the sound without the audio. The ones with the 4k resolution are also good choices.

I’d say video recording and image capturing facilities can be optional. I’d not opt for them unless I absolutely need them. It helps you to avail quality product without spending any extra dime then you have to.

Recommended Best Baby Monitors for Twins

It is a question that is really hard to answer. No one can point the finger at one product and tell you, “This is the best” or just “Go for it”. But I’ve racked up few of the baby monitor choices that can come close to being the best probably.

I’ll post short reviews of each of them. It ultimately boils down to your needs and choice when going for the best among the options.

Editor Rating:

As parents, you’d want to monitor your twin kids at a time.

With 2 cameras, Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor provides you the option to keep track of both of your kids simultaneously.

A positive fact is that the signal remains secure. Neighbors and curious minds cannot eavesdrop while you keep a watch on your babies. The range for your WiFi connection would be 590 feet at a maximum when indoors.

With this, you can communicate with your kids. The parent unit features “High Frequency” microphone.

Also, the low latency 2.4 GHz FFSS frequency means no interruption in feeds. Additionally, parents will get 5 lullabies to put their kids to sleep in the night.


  • The machine has “Out of range” alarm system.
  • There are indicator lights which tell you the sound level even if the unit is muted.
  • Video range is indeed commendable.
  • Battery life is extended and replacements are cheaper.


  • Doesn’t have a split screen feature.
  • Video recording feature is unavailable.
  • Video is not invertible.

Editor Rating:

It can very well be the best baby monitor for twins because of its fantastic resolution and IR camera.

The camera allows you to see your twins at night. Also, the resolution makes the smallest detail clear.

Furthermore, VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor camera lenses can be adjusted. So, if you can’t see anything clearly, just remotely adjust the lenses, and you’ll be okay. Of course, the cameras and the parent unit operate just fine within a range of 1000 feet.

You can even tweak the language settings to French and Spanish in addition to English. Besides the original two, you can expand this unit to new cameras.

This unit has a handy cord management facility in case you decide to try a power cord with this.


  • Has the 2-way communication system.
  • Six levels of sound indicator.
  • The IR vision is automatic.
  • The parent’s unit alarms when temperature drops or you go out of range.
  • A detailed manual is provided.


  • VOX sensitivity cannot be turned off.
  • While in AC power, the video feed turns off after few minutes.

Editor Rating:

Summer Infant Dual View might actually be the best baby monitor for twins because it has the split screen technology.

So, you can monitor two rooms at the same time.

Both the cameras support tilt, pan, and zooming facility.

The unique thing is, you can even view the videos in Black and White. With these, you get the “Power Saver” option. You even get to turn off the video with one touch only.

The connection is secure, no one can interfere with the WiFi frequency and spoil your private moments. Low latency wifi frequency makes the range of this thing 600 feet.

It is a mid-ranged equipment which is great if you are communicating with your baby over a short distance.


  • The unit is portable.
  • Both kick-stand and belt clip are available.
  • Cameras come with wall anchors.
  • You can extend the split screen 4 ways.
  • Volume and Brightness can be tampered with.


  • Video and image quality are not up to the mark.
  • No way to monitor temperature changes.
  • The “Auto Scan” option slows down other features.

Editor Rating:

The next entry in my list of Best Baby Monitor for Twins list has the largest display monitor among others here.

It comes with a 5-inch display monitor that helps to keep track of your twins.

Like the other handheld units of this list, it has a LED Sound Indicator. The camera swivels to provide you an optimum angle to watch your baby from.

You can mount the monitoring camera on the wall. The necessary hardware is included in Summer Infant In View Baby Monitor package.

I loved how it beeped when the battery was close to depleting. You’ll be able to continuously monitor the parents’ unit’s state while monitoring the kids’ condition.

Of course, the features like night vision, excellent range and flexible options regarding battery and camera help to make this a worthy purchase for the money.


  • 600 feet of range gives the unit a solid coverage.
  • Automatic adjustment to night vision mode.
  • 2.4 GHz signal prevents interference.
  • Modestly priced unit.


  • Video quality is a bit choppy.

Editor Rating:

As we come to my modest list of Best Baby Monitor for twins, here’s another product from Motorola.

The MBP25 comes with wireless cameras as you would expect.

The microphone is particularly good. It picks up even the slightest of sounds.

You can sing to your babies thanks to the two-way communication unit that this product brings to you. You’ll be able to enjoy wireless features as well.

The display is fairly small compared to other products on this list, but then again, it is clear and has a high resolution that works to its advantage.

All three units are supplied with independent AC power cords and batteries to sustain power when electricity is around and not around.

The wifi range is also something to speak of. You can expect to enjoy a decent coverage in a medium sized apartment.


  • The wife range is 520 feet.
  • Each part of the unit has own AC adapter.
  • The unit is expandable.
  • Compact unit for its price.


  • The display is a bit small in size compared to others in the list.
  • Audio Sensitivity is a bit too much for some people.


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Final Verdict

With that, I’ve come to the end of my article. Although finding the best baby monitor for twins is tough. I mean really tough. But you can take the first foot forward by going through this guide.

It will help you in deciding what you want from your product and for how long will you use it.

Then just match your requirements with the suggestions in the second part. I am sure, you’ll find the ideal product for you and your babies in no time at all!

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