Which Is The Best Diaper Pails For Baby In 2018? (Guide And Review)

A diaper pail might be a small container, but it can prove to be a crucial addition to your baby’s nursery. From infant through to the toddler years, your kid changes somewhere around 25000 diapers.

Collecting a considerable number of diapers each day and disposing of them is a tiresome task. To make things easier on yourselves, you should seek out the best diaper pail for baby.

Diaper pails contain around 50 – 70 used diapers. Not only that, these containers trap the odor and emit a nice smell to allow your child’s nursery to stay fresh. The smell of the diapers remains trapped inside. You can easily dispose of the diapers sometime later.

Want to know what diaper pails really are and how can you select the best one for baby’s nursery?

Read on because we here at Babybalu have the answers to all of your questions.

our pick

Steel locks in odor

The innovative lid slides open to minimize air disruption.


Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail decreases odor with powder coated steel.

On top of that, the perfect rubber sealing locks the odor in. So, you get a virtually odorless baby room.

This diaper pail is versatile as you can use any trash can or reusable cloths to go with it.

If you have twins or more kids in your house, the diaper pail features a child proof lock. This way your kids cannot tamper with it.

The previous version of this diaper holder had breakage problems with the bag holder. The manufacturers fixed that with an updated and durable design.

The insertion tactic that manufacturers provided prevents the rubber gasket from falling off.


Dual-refill compatible

The only system that works with both rings and snap, seal and toss bags.

This diaper pail is the second one in my list of baby diaper pails for a reason.

Munchkin has a patented “Odor Sealing Technology” that guarantees that you’ll have a pleasant nursery.

With this, the pail automatically seals itself as you close the lid.

You can open and close the top hatch with the foot pad below the pail.

Along with that, you have the sweet lavender smelled puck to cancel out the odor emission both inside and outside of your baby’s room.

You can use this pail with diaper rings if you choose to. Again, it works just as well with the “Seal and Toss” bags. You can buy additional refills separately of course.

Munchkin even goes a step further and promises to plant a tree in exchange for a unit of diaper pail that you buy.


This is LARGE.

Holds 50 percent more diapers than other leading brands, which extends bag life.


The best thing about the Bubula Steel Diaper Pail for baby is that it utilizes the air-tight sealing system with rubber.

That doesn’t let odor escape. The lid is ergonomic that allows you quick opening and closing.

Also, the overall unit is taller than most diaper pails. You won’t have to bend to do away with the diapers.

In fact, I could put 50% more diapers than the average diaper pails you use. Also, the aluminum-steel hybrid construction makes it a lightweight pail. It won’t keep the odor absorbed inside as most steel or plastic made pails do.

Standard benefits of this diaper pail include a safety lock system, “One touch” opening and closing of the lid, etc. Parents can use standard can liners with this diaper pail.


Super simple to dispose nappies

1. Step
2. Drop
3. Done

With Décor Plus Diaper Pail, you won’t need to employ your hands for anything.

Step onto the foot paddle, open the top hatch and drop the diaper inside. It is that simple!

It is no short of features as a childproof lock is in place to keep your toddlers away from the container. Parents can use as many refills as they want.

The continuous liner of this pail allows people to empty the bag easily. Whenever you need a new refill, just cut the bag with a “Child-safe cutter” that is located inside and tie a new knot.

I like the three-layer odor canceling system. The first layer is the spring trap hatch which closes as soon as the diapers are put inside.

The second thing is the rubber gasket which seals diapers inside. The third layer is the refillable liner. This gives out a baby-powder smell in place of the odor.


Only for cloth diaper

Carbon filter lets air in and keeps odors from escaping

This is the best diaper pail for the baby if you are specifically considering the cloth diapers.

It is deemed as the eco-friendliest pail too. The carbon-based filter doesn’t let odor escape.

The carbon filter is housed through the hole in the lid and inside the teddy bear style filter cage.

I like the secure lid with two side handles. The cover is supported by Clamp-based closure system. Also, you can rest easy.

It is not causing environmental pollution. This diaper pail is made of 50% of recycled plastic. The cloth diaper pail provides vast space with 7-gallon capacity.

Considering the price, it is one of the most affordable cloth diaper dispensers out there. The features also don’t disappoint.


Why Use Diaper Pails, But Not Normal Bins?

The advantage of having a diaper pail around is that you won’t have to stash the used diapers somewhere in the open and risk turning your home into a stinking disaster.

These things hold the used diapers and contain the odor the emit inside. Besides that, they prevent several fatal diseases from attacking your newborn and yourselves that result from the germs of poop and pee.

For that, they have unique protective systems that take effect.

How To Choose The Right Diaper Pails For Baby?

Choosing the ideal diaper pail for babies is indeed a hard task you have to get around. There are quite a lot of aspects you need to look at to select the perfect one for your baby.

This small “Diaper Pail Buying Guide” will shed light on the issues you need to consider before making the selection.

Decide on your diaper type. Diapers may sound simple, they are not. There are many types of diapers around.

For example, if you are using cloth diapers, be sure to select plastic diaper pails to lock the smell better. Another good option can be a laundry bag or hanging diaper pail.

If you use disposable diaper like me, you can choose the Odor-cancelling diaper pails that are around. These are made of steel, aluminum and other composite elements.

Do you want liners or bags for diaper pails? Sought out the answer to this question. Liners often come with odor-cancelling elements like baby powder or scents. They are a bit expensive.

Garbage bag-style diaper holders are inexpensive, but they cannot counter the smell of your child’s diapers.

The best diaper pail for baby will have the most capacity. It is an essential thing. The capacity varies from brand to brand.

In your children’s toddler years, the bigger the diapers are; the lesser the ability of the diaper pail. Always choose a container with the higher capacity for holding diapers.

Prioritize your own comfort while choosing a diaper pail. Look for pails with handles. I know the feeling of bending over to open a diaper pail just because I am above average regarding height. Look for easy-to-carry diaper pails.

Consider your ease of use. Many parents have to dispose of a diaper while holding their babies in arms. At that point of time, pulling up a handle or switching open a hatch is impossible.

There is “Paddle System” diaper pails to take care of this issue. There are flipping options as well. Go for the one that comforts you the most.

Consider how well a diaper pail dispels the odor. A nasty smell can change the atmosphere of your baby’s nursery to unhealthy proportions very quickly.

Final Verdict

With the recommendations, this diaper pail guide comes to an end. These pails are all great within their own rights.

You’ll notice that these containers belong to different price categories and have different features. This diversity will help you in selecting just the right one for your needs.

I’ve even included significant factors you should look into before hitting the “Purchase” button.

I hope this guide helps you in choosing just the right tool you need for your baby’s nursery. Always look for a product that can serve you for 1-3 years and cover your child’s toddler days with ease.