What Are The Best Nursery Glider – Guide & Reviews

Having a child of your own is the greatest pleasure of the world. Right after birth, caring for the baby in the right way is a challenge for a mom or a dad. During the infancy of your child, long sleepless nights can be a problem for both you and your toddler.

Imagine you are spending a lot of time in the nursery of your baby, and it is not comfortable enough. I bet things will become a lot more difficult. A nursery glider is the solution of your problems and sleepless nights.

Don’t confuse Nursery Glider Chair with a Rocker/Recliner. They might looked same but aren’t. A nursery rocker rocks back and forth. It also reclines back for a nice long rest. But nursery glider chair, on the other hand, doesn’t recline.

Nursery gliders has a larger backrest, often comes with an Ottoman brand. The biggest difference is that you can carry the rockers in another room. Because of the weight, the gliders cannot be moved.

Why Would You Need A Nursery Glider Chair?

When nursing our babies, we immediately think of baby cribs. That is the most common way of comforting the little ones. But baby gliders take this one step further as these ensure we parents are comforted as well besides the babies.

While feeding the kids, it is not uncommon for moms to spend sleepless nights. Investing in a quality nursery glider can help people put their backs and feet to the rest.

It is not only for the moms. Babies can also be a bit fussy and wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes, the crib is not comfortable enough for sleep. Sometimes the baby can’t move around or find enough room. Gliders for a nursery can solve the problem. They can provide comfort to your kid without disturbing his/her sleep.

The perfect time to buy a nursery glider is before your baby is born. You might spend a lot of time on the nursery glider with your baby – feed him, watch TV or even read a magazine. Even if your baby grows older in later years, you’ll have yourselves useful furniture.

How To Choose The Best and Suitable Nursery Glider?

It is the frequently asked question by the parents. Below I’ve listed few points you need to keep in mind before you make the purchase.

You need to see if your nursery chair reclines or not. Believe me, when I say that you’ll sleep more on the nursery glider more on first few months with your baby than in bed. So, a reclining chair will provide better support to your back. Even if it doesn’t recline, buy one with a larger area to rest back on.

You should look forward to having a locking mechanism in a baby glider. The best nursery glider will have a locking system to safeguard you and your baby while you sleep. It prevents the chair from going too far backward.

The best nursery glider that you select must be comfortable. Ideal furniture of this kind comes with cushioning. There are cushions in the back, on the handles, etc. The last thing you want is a glider that keeps you awake at nights.

Get yourselves nursery gliders with wider seats. These gliders provide you the opportunity to experiment with multiple sitting positions.

With all the do’s and the don’ts you might get confused about which brand to choose a nursery glider chair. 

So, I thought I’d pick the Most Recommended Nursery Gliders for 2018 based on positive nursery glider review remarks. These brief reviews here will help you in making your purchase.


You can unwind by rocking back and forth thanks to the metal ball-bearings. This is a wooden furniture set. The polyester on the top keeps you comfy while you feed the child. The chair/glider is roomy for you to relax while you are feeding your little one.

My friend can watch TV and read magazines. Storing remotes, magazines, pen, and paper are easy because of the pockets the chair comes with. This furniture can be washed by hands. The espresso and beige color options don’t highlight the dirt too much.

With a limited “One-year Warranty”, it comes with a matching ottoman. It fits well with any room of your house.

At #2 in our list of recommended nursery gliders, here’s another product from Stork Craft. Essentially, it is also the best nursery glider with Ottoman.

Weighing at 45.5 pounds, this item is not all that heavy. This nursery rocking chair needs to be assembled before use.

With the dimensions of 24.8 x 25.8 x 39.5 inches, this nursery glider chair has a lot of room for you to be comfortable when you are feeding your kid. Also, the baby glider comes with customizable cushion colors and wood bases of various colors that will look beautiful and match with your rooms.

There is an Ottoman too with this furniture to further your comfort. The material which went into the construction of this chair is durable.

It is Lead-free to keep you safe. One can use this furniture beyond the nursing years for his/her baby. The cushions can be cleaned without any fuss. This set is easy to maintain.

With the maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, this nursery glider makes #3 on my list of best-reviewed nursery glider.

Withcolouredm colored cushion and espresso-themed wooden body, this is the elegant piece of furniture which can easily fit into your any of your rooms.

It is the perfect comfy chair to put your child to sleep. Thanks to the gliding motion, you can put him/her to sleep without worrying about squeaky noises. The Ottoman will provide the perfect resting ground for your feet while you feed your child.

The polyurethane foam gives you the comfort of memory foam. It is just like your bed. The only difference is, it is a couch with cushioned hands as well as side pockets to store things.

This furniture is very light. You can move it around given the 25 pounds of weight it has. The dimensions are 31 x 23 x 20.5 inches. This fits people with average height perfectly. You can request warranty through the manufacturer’s website.

Our Conclusion

With those recommendations, I’ve come to the end of the post. I hope the factors and points I mentioned will help you make better decisions in the future. Plus, the glider recommendations can be a great help.

But these three nursery gliders aren’t the only ones in the world. Feel free to research and assess your needs. Pretty soon you’ll find your own list of baby gliders which are specifically tailored to your needs.