Which Is The Best Wifi Baby Monitors For 2018? (Guide And Review)

Looking for the best wifi baby monitor? What do you do to keep an eye open for your baby or the toddler in the house? Do you have trouble getting work done because of needing to keep an eye on the child? I might have a smart alternative for you.

We will recommend you a few of the recommended WiFi baby monitor brands, install an ideal product in your nursery/house/bedroom and keep the little one under your personal care and surveillance for 24 hours. 

An ideal gadget like this can help you take care of daily business without letting the little guy(s) out of your sight. But, how do you choose one?

Don’t worry, everything has been covered in the following section of my “baby wifi guide”. I’ve also snuck in some of my personal favorite brands to help you choose.


Are you confused with all the gibberish around the web about how to choose the perfect WiFi monitor for your baby?

That happened to us too.

So in order to solve this problem, we spend extensive time in researching the most suitable baby monitor for different occasions.

If you are stuck, let me help you with 8 of my favorite WiFi monitor brands and models to help you choose. Below you’ll find short reviews along with their strong suits and weak points.

our pick

Interchangeable optical lens

allowing you to customize viewing angle and zoom
Wide Angle Lens Addon:

This Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor comes with two lenses that you can interchange for better viewing your baby. Parents can pan the monitor remotely.

Also, zoom it in when needed. All these can be done without disturbing your kid.

This baby monitor has LED display is 3.5 inches, and it shows what your child is doing in a pleasant lighting and brightness. You can even tilt the monitor without disturbing your child if he/she is sleeping.

Battery life is commendable. I liked that it provided me with 10 hours of battery life in power saving mode. Since we don’t use baby monitors rigorously, this one is perfect.

Another thing is that this monitor can be recharged anywhere. You can even use laptops to charge this thing. So, 10-hour battery life is not really an issue.

  • It has a wifi power source
  • Sound indicator indicates if the baby is crying
  • Monitors the temperature of baby’s nursery
  • Communicate with baby via two-way talking
  • Monitor plays “Audio Only” in low power
  • You can’t record videos or take pictures

Night light that projects stars and moons onto the ceiling.

Go hands free with the belt clip on the parent unit – carry the parent unit everywhere you go without the hassle of holding it.

The VTech DM222 Digital Audio Baby Monitor makes it to one of the best candidates for our best wifi monitor for baby. It projects stars in the nursery as a night light.

Also, it plays a lullaby that helps to put your baby to sleep.

Out of the many benefits, the product comes with 5-level sound indicator.

It measures the sound in the room – the graphics bars on the monitor tell me how strong my newborn’s cries and shouts are!

There is a volume control as well, so you can regulate how loud you speak to your baby from another room.

This thing comes in a pair. You have a parents’ unit and the other for your kid. The parents’ unit comes with a belt clip. So, you can work while keeping track of your kid/kids.

  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • You can talk to your kid through “Talk-back” feature
  • It has a superior wifi range of 1000 feet in open space and 150 feet when in closed environment
  • The parents’ unit vibrates
  • The Lullaby is too loud at times
  • There is a “Humming” noise from the parents’ unit from time to time

Supports two way talk, intelligent motion alerts, email alerts/snapshots as well as mobile and web apps.

Seamlessly Stream Video and Two Way Audio Directly to Your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac or Windows PC.

Amcrest IP2M-841 WiFi IP Camera is undoubtedly the frontrunner on my list of coolest wifi baby monitor.

You can monitor any room of your house from a distance with this ProHD IP Camera and not just your baby’s nursery.

To begin, parents will be able to set this camera up quickly.

You can even record what your child is doing for 4 hours straight. Save your recordings in the cloud. If you want to try other options, multiple devices are supported where you can store your feeds.

This incredible device can be accessed from iPhones, Android Phones, PC and lots of other machines.

To make things interesting, you have night vision to see what your baby is doing in the dark. The range of night vision is 32 feet.

  • You can pan and tilt the camera
  • 10-feet long power cord provides greater liberty
  • Setting this up is very easy
  • It has a sensitive motion detector
  • You can’t really tilt it down

Monitor at home or from anywhere

Free in-app video recording and image snapshot.

Motorola MBP853CONNECT is the 5th contender for best wifi baby monitor as a smart unit.

As usual, it comes with a monitor for baby and a parents’ unit that controls the earlier one.

This smart unit lets you record videos through the app and takes images remotely.

Parents can control the movements of the display through remote control as well. For example, you can pan, zoom and tilt this one at will.

Motorola MBP853CONNECT also calculates the sound of your baby’s room, the temperature, and reports on your kid’s motion.

To top it, you can keep track of your little one even when it is dark through infrared vision. The best thing is, infrared night vision doesn’t disturb your baby while he/she is sleeping.

  • Parents’ unit signals you while stepping out of range
  • This unit comes with 5 different lullabies
  • You can access the monitor with “Hubbles” app
  • Hubbles provides cloud video recording service
  • This machine is compatible with any and every device
  • The price can be too much for some people
  • Camera might act up after extensive use.
  • Minor connection issues; can be fixed with free firmware update

For travels

Wireless camera comes with 2 options for the headrest mount and a suction cup mount for flexible placement. Transfer via WiFi.

Yada (BT53901F-2) occupies a slot in this baby monitor list because it aids you while you are traveling.

With this, you won’t have to turn around while in the car to look at your baby.

Focusing on roads just became that much easier.

Also, you can use this device indoors. The catchy part is, there is a suction cup to stick the camera at a favorable position. Alternatively, I use the headset mount to place the camera.

Unlike most WiFi monitors, this one requires 12V power only for the camera. The camera then sends signals through WiFi to the monitor. So, you save power.

Yada has night vision too. This feature is useful when driving through dark nights. If you are using this in a car, be sure to purchase a “Y” adapter to handle the equipment better.

  • Easy setup feature
  • Either you mount the camera or strap it
  • Satisfying image quality
  • Night vision makes life easier
  • Recorded videos have quality issues
  • Reversed images create problems sometimes
  • Camera and monitor have different aspect ratio

The most reliable connection to your baby

Zero interference with crystal clear sound with temperature sensor.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor is one of the top three contenders for high recommended wifi baby monitor title.

Philips Avent has everything you desire from a baby monitor at a reasonable price.

Right from crystal clear sound to Wireless transmission to other monitors, you have it all with Philips Avent DECT.

Apart from that, the DECT technology provides low latency so that the device can transmit signals flawlessly through WiFi. Plus, it has a “Data Encryption” system for security.

Besides that, you will have clear audio to hear what your little baby is doing. Also, the alarm system designed to alert parents about the baby’s mischiefs is also a great addition.

This alarm system alerts you when your baby is uncomfortable. It alerts you when there is a temperature change too.

  • Has lights that activate upon sound
  • The device has 50/330 meter range indoors & outdoors
  • Alert system in parents’ unit to signal range boundaries
  • There are Lullabies and night light
  • 2-way transmission system
  • -

Under-the-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad

Senses each and every one of your baby’s movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.


Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor one is my last suggestion to all those looking for our favourite wifi baby monitor.

The thing that makes it unique is that it has sensors that you can place under your baby’s mattress.

The digital display helps you to keep track of your baby better.

The parents’ unit is rechargeable, and you can utilize any port from a USB to a regular socket port for that. Also, the unit is portable. You can take the unit anywhere you like to travel.

There is a gentle light which will help your kid to sleep at night at the push of a button. This thing also has a range indicator which signals to parents whenever they are going out of range.

  • AC adapter is provided to save on batteries
  • The range for parental unit is 250 meters
  • Comes with a temperature monitoring system
  • Volume control and vibration alert benefits
  • Only suitable for newborns and up to 2-year olds

Different Functions of WIFI BABY MONITOR

To put it simply, WiFi Baby Monitor systems are meant to be placed in your baby’s nursery.

These are units which track and keep an eye on your baby’s movements, the temperature of the room and needs while you are not around.

Some of the units can even put your baby to sleep with lullabies! These things transmit feeds onto another unit you carry or through internet and WiFi signals.

That way, parents can see and know what their baby needs and when.


Literally, there are hundreds of WiFi monitor brands are available around you. It is actually pretty tough to find the ideal one.

But the task is far from impossible. Just remember the steps below, and you’ll get yourselves just the right one for the job.

Choose the type of video monitor you need.

There are display monitors, IP Cameras, Sound Only Monitors and other options.

Some you can stick up on the walls and others you can control from a distance. Look at how your baby behaves and then decide on the monitor you need.

Coverage range of the unit

If your house is huge, it’s important to look at the range. Larger wifi range allows you to cover larger areas and more flexibility at home.

Look at the sound quality of your WiFi monitor

The sound is the key. It lets you know what the little guy is up to when you are not around. If he’s in discomfort, you’ll know through his cries.

If he wants something, he’ll shout. Again, you’ll know through the sound. So, having a quality sound mechanism from your baby monitor is important.

Select the one with the best video resolutions.

Yes, that’s actually necessary. The whole point of “Keeping an eye on your baby” means monitoring his/her every move.

You need to see clearly what he/she is up to. Nothing does that better than a camera and a high-resolution output.

Look for Night Vision, Pan, and Tilt.

Night vision helps you in watching your baby in the dark. Very often accidents happen while you turn off the light and sleep.

Night vision contributes to monitoring your child’s movements even then keeping him/her under total surveillance.

Along the way, if you can wireless pan and tilt the camera or the monitor, you’ll be able to see the baby from different angles. So, potential discomforts and threats will be much easier to spot.

Our Conclusion

With that, we’ve come to the end of this “purchase guide”. This article carefully explains pros and cons of each brand and how to go about buying the most suitable one.

Always remember to check the quality before you point your fingers at some of the brands I’ve told you about in this article.

Another fact is the price. Always compare products of different price ranges to find out which one to go for. I’ve tried to suggest products suiting low, moderate and high-range capacities and nurseries.

All the best with your upcoming purchase!