How To Enjoy The Process of Breast Pumping (Instructions & Tips)

The Joys Of Breast Pumping

Of course, there will always come a time when you have to stop feeding your baby directly off your breast and get back to work; that’s why we have the breast pump.

And yeah, we here at Babybalu are aware how uncomfortable the experience could be, but remember: it’s not all about sucking the milk out of your body.

It’s about how to enjoy with breast pumps that really matters.

How To Enjoy Breast Pumping?

The thing is these wonderful machines in our day and age really give a huge hand when it comes to helping both you and your little bundle of joy.

For moms, it helps you lactate at a steadier pace during times when your child is unable to directly feed on your breast.

For babies, on the other hand, breast pumps allow them the opportunity to still feed even if mom is not around.

All in all, it’s a dandy little gadget.

But, we’d be wrong if we didn’t say that there aren’t some things moms should keep in mind when using these things.

Here are a few tips we have for you to make the most out of your breast pumping experience.

Pump Your Breast At The Right Time

The main question that most new moms have is: when exactly should I start pumping my breast? Just remember that as long as your baby prefers to feed straight from your breast, then go ahead; hold off on the breast pump for now.

You see, pumping doesn’t follow a strict schedule, as others would have you believe. It really all depends on both you and your baby’s routine. Breastfeeding and pumping could really take a toll on a mom’s body, so make sure to know just when to do it.

Additionally, pumping your breast too early could lead to having an oversupply of milk in you, which could lead to some problems for both you and your baby.

Sure, you could have extra milk with an overabundance of the stuff, but it could be physically painful for moms, given the clogged ducts or engorged breasts they could experience.

It’s not good for baby, too, as this can lead to them having a hard time latching or become gassy.

Don’t Overfeed Baby With A Bottle

Keep in mind that a baby breastfeeds should only always take in about 3-4 oz. bottles of pumped breast milk each day.

Anything above that could be potentially unhealthy for your baby. The point here is that you shouldn’t disrupt baby’s feeding rhythm.

Yes, they do have to frequently have that milk throughout the day in smaller doses, but it doesn’t mean that you can alter that and make your baby feed fewer times and in larger amounts per day.

The best way to go around this is by pacing baby’s bottle time. This means that you don’t go with a uniform amount of milk during each meal and that you adjust their feeding times to their hunger and not a set schedule you made for the day.

Also, there’s no need to shy away from pacifiers. Sometimes, babies aren’t hungry and just want to suck on something. This could be painful for moms, so it’s best that you go get yourself a pacifier.

Lastly, the ideal way you can measure how much milk you should pump and store would be by doing it at 2-3 oz. per serving. Anything more than that ends up either getting wasted or would make your baby too bloated.

The Equipment

Yes, given the hundreds upon hundreds of breast pump models out there that each has its own features, there are some basic things that it must be able to do no matter what.

First, make sure that your flanges fit your breasts well. If it rubs your nipple’s sides, go for a larger flange.

If, on the other hand, even your areola gets sucked during your pumps, you should probably go with a smaller one.

Oh, and a quick tip: pumping could hurt your skin, so try rubbing a bit of olive oil or coconut oil around your nipples before starting the machine.

Remember, too, that the whole experience should never cause you any pain! It could be a bit weird or uncomfortable but never painful. Visit your doctor in case it is.

Lastly, a valuable piece of advice we could give you is to keep spare parts for your breast pumps available, so stock up on that. Get your flanges, tubings, and valves on-hand; it’s better than having to look for one only when you absolutely need it.

How To Schedule Your Pumps?

Scheduling when to start pumping especially for moms who need to go to work could be pretty difficult to find time for. So, here is some advice we could give you on that front.

First of all, if you’re a working woman, you should know that your employer has no right to deny you of some time to pump your breast. To avoid any misunderstanding, discuss this with them prior to getting back to your office.

Second, a hands-free bra could do wonders for you. This way, you can multi-task and not have to worry about your breast pump too much while outside your home.

Then, of course, there’s the question of amount. How much milk should you pump in a day? Well, keep in mind that breast size has nothing to do with the amount of milk you can produce; it’s really all a matter of your pump and bottle’s storage capacity.

Finally, know that nothing comes before breastfeeding. So, if you have the time, make it a point to clutch your baby close and feed them straight from your breast. This does way more than having your baby feed off a bottle.

Well, there you have it! We hope that these quick tips we were able to share with you helps you in your breast pumping experience. Hope you and your baby have fun!