Balance Ball: How Pregnant Woman Can Benefit From Fitness Ball

So, you’re well into your pregnancy and perhaps the whole endeavour is taking a toll on your body.

Now, if you’ve been doing the proper exercises, taking on the right diet, and being extra observant of your overall physical well-being, then great!

Still, what we here at Babybalu are about to talk to you about could immensely help you, and that’s even after you’re done bringing your baby to the world!

For one, it’s a great idea to make it a habit to work your abs during the early stages of your pregnancy, but we have an alternative for you that’s equally, if not more, helpful and convenient during the latter parts of the whole ordeal.

You see, one of the most common problems you could have when you’re nearing about 30 weeks of your pregnancy is back pain.

There could be either stiffness or you could have a sore back or even both! The problem is, trying to sit down to relieve yourself of the pain coming from your back almost always just tends to have an adverse result.

To solve that problem, go get yourself a balance ball – one of those giant, colorful rubber balls that you see at the gym!

The Benefits of Balance Balls

balance ball
By Michael (a.k.a. moik) McCullough [ CC BY 2.0 (], via Flickr
We’re not overstating things here when we say that these little rubber balls can do wonders for you, as it eases your back pain by evenly spreading out the pressure on your midsection, which helps your muscles loosen up and relieve the pain. That’s just the beginning of it, though.

Also known by such names as birthing balls or exercise balls, these things are usually made for the purpose of abdominal workouts.

However, that’s a pretty tricky activity if you’re with child (especially if you’re more than 3 months preggers).

Expectant mothers can reap the benefits of a balance ball, on the other hand, since you can’t do any more floor exercises starting in your 2nd trimester. In fact, more and more experts and medical professionals have been prescribing this helpful rubber ball in order to aid in positioning babies inside their moms’ wombs, not to mention that it can also help mothers find the sweet spot come to their due date.

And by sweet spot, we mean that these things help the hips and pelvic area of a pregnant body open up, which then gives babies easier access when they’re about to be welcomed by the world.

Now, you might be afraid that sitting on a circular object would make you prone to falling, given its rather unstable base.

Hey, we’re not going to blame you. After all, there’s a fragile developing human being inside your body.

Not to worry, though: there are balance ball chairs available in the market today that removes that problem by keeping you balanced without the risk of it rolling over!

Of course, all the benefits that you could get from a balance ball won’t amount to anything if you can’t get your hands on one?

Throw those worries away, since these things are really affordable.

If you check out online stores, such as Amazon, you’d find out that

Plus, you could even luck out during sales, where a single ball could go down to just about $13.

And don’t think about having to pump them too much; most balance balls are packaged with hand pumps for easy inflation.

Just a quick note, though: these rubber wonder balls come in various sizes, so be sure to choose the one that suits you best.  Lastly, the right size for you can be achieved when your legs are parallel to the floor when you sit on your ball.

Now, don’t make the mistake that these things are only useful during pregnancy. Aside from working on your abs after pregnancy, you can use your very own balance ball as your primary desk chair at home. Just think about it: why use a regular old chair when you can reap the benefits of a balance ball just by sitting on it?

Aside from it being a valuable tool in exercise, it’s an effective way to relieve backaches and stress. Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned how it aids your posture by keeping your back straight, pregnant or not. To keep it short and sweet, these rubber balls are good both during and after pregnancy.

Yup, we’ve mentioned how much a balance ball could help mom’s body before and after giving birth, but it’s also a great tool for when baby’s having one of those bad days as well. Because of the bounciness of these things, they work as perfect rockers. Just put your baby in your arms (or your lap, if he or she’s big enough) and gently bounce while seated.

The reason this works so well is the way that this gentle motion simulates what it’s like to be inside a womb, so it’s an ideal soother for them. Keep in mind, though, don’t get carried away bouncing; the key here is to be as gentle as possible. Not to mention, once baby learns how to walk, they’re going to have one pretty sweet toy that they can push around and exercise with.

So, there you go! There’s no reason for you to deny yourself of the benefits you could get from balance balls. Go out there and get yourself one.