Mei Tai For Beginners – How To Use Infantino Mei Tai Carrier With Your Newborn

This blog post is all about how to use infantino carrier and mei tais.

In the world of babywearing, we all have a lot of kinds and carry methods to choose from (don’t even get us started on the materials used for these things!).

From moby wraps to woven wraps, there’s no shortage of baby carriers you could go for.

In the middle of all this is perhaps one of the most popular brands out there: the Infantino. Now, a lot of buzzes has been and continues to, go around regarding how these carriers tend to be, well, overrated, and we here at Babybalu can’t say that we completely disagree.

After all, there are a lot of other baby carrier models out there that are better when it comes to giving you and your baby the safety and comfort you deserve, Regardless, though, if you’ve already purchased one of these carriers from your local shop or online, allow us to at least help you make the most of it by teaching you how to use Infantino carriers with the least amount of problems!

First, though, let’s start with a bit of an introduction to what this brand is all about. Yes, Infantino produces a that you can choose from. Mainly, their designs are used for face to face carries, but there are some exceptions, such as back carries.

For the sake of clarity, though, we’re just going to teach you how to use you Infantino carrier for front carriers, since this is the standard method used by the brand. As such, allow us to provide you with a quick guide on how to get all setup.

Here Are The Steps On How To First Set Up Your Infantino:

  1. Find the buckles of your Infantino, which can be found at the bottom. Now, press those buckle tabs firmly until the straps detach.
  2. Place your carrier in front of you, right between your shoulders and midsection. Here, make sure that the back part of your Infantino is facing you. After that, take the shoulder harness up and get your head through the upper straps.
  3. Then, pull your straps down until it rests right at the center of your back, which is just a bit below your shoulders. Insert the fasteners of the straps right into your Infantino’s bottom buckles by pushing them together. You’ll hear a snap that indicates they’re safely in place.
  4. Pull the straps from each fastener to tighten it around your chest, keeping it secured.
  5. Now, let’s move on to a rear-facing front carry:
  6. Press on those tabs that hold the head support fasteners on the left and do this again with the other fastener on the left panel of your Infantino. Then, pull the Velcro fasteners that secure the side panel apart.
  7. Now, your baby must face you, so hold them this way by placing your hands under their shoulders. Hoist them up a bit and keep them close to your chest. After that, insert their legs and through the carrier, followed by one of their arms.
  8. That one arm you placed in the carrier shall serve as a support while you secure the Velcro straps of your Infantino. After that, buckle the left side and pull in order to keep baby secure in place.

If You’re Doing A Front-Facing Carry, Then Follow These:

  1. Pull your Velcro fasteners apart, and then remove the buckles from the left head an side panels of your Infantino.
  2. Hold your baby right just below their shoulders, but this time make sure that they are facing outwards (meaning their backsides should be the ones pressing against you later). Like before, insert their legs and one of their arms through the carrier.
  3. If your baby isn’t large enough, use the arm support of your Infantino.
  4. Finally, fasten those side panels and stick those Velcro fasteners right back together. If there’s excess fabric present, just fold it down.
  5. If you’ll notice, there are a lot of fasteners and holes with Infantino carriers, which is one of the reasons that we can’t say we love their models. Not to mention, most, if not all, Infantino carriers are designed in such a way that your baby’s legs dangle outside.

That’s the same reason why we here at Babybalu prefer mei tai carriers, given that they’re more affordable and provide more comfort for both the wearer and baby. Plus, mei tais are designed to be used both for front and back carries, so it’s more versatile than other models out there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mei Tai

This style of carrier originates from China. It may seem simple since it’s just a square piece of cloth that has four straps attached to it, but believe us when we say how effective and convenient a baby carrier it is. If you are a dad, then you might want to read our article about best baby carriers for dad.

Can you use Mei Tais for Newborns?

Yes, you can! Specifically, the best kind of mei tai carrier for newborns and smaller babies are the ones with unpadded waists. This works well especially if you like carrying your little bundle of joys with their legs out. A quick tip: narrower mei tais are ideal for smaller babies and newborns!

How do you use a Mei Tai, then?

Finally, the good part! Simply put, if you have worn an apron before in your life, then you won’t have a problem setting yourself up with your mei tai.

First, you just tie the straps on your back as you would an apron, with the mei tai placed right in front of you.

After that, all you have to do is lift baby up and place them within the carrier. Now, for the waist straps, just wrap them around you circling back to the front. Tie it up and you and your baby are good to go!

Of course, we’re sure that we don’t have to tell you this, but your little tyke’s security and comfort are priority here.

So, it won’t hurt if you do a couple of practice rounds to make sure you get the gist of the whole process.

Don’t worry: you’ll get it!

We hope this blog post helped you to use Infantino carrier and mei tais.