How To Put On A Moby Wrap For Beginners?

Get Wrapping With Your Very Own Moby

Are you wondering how to put on a moby wrap? Moby wrappers are one of the most popular baby carrier brands out there, and that’s partly thanks to how diverse the line of carriers they offer is.

Now, whether you are a mom who has just gotten into the whole babywearing craze or an experienced one who’s looking for just the right carrier to use on your little bundle of joy and needs a bit of a guidance on how to put on a moby wrap for beginners, we here at Babybalu are here to help you.

What Is A Moby Wrapper Anyway?

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Just to be clear: MOBY wrappers are not a type of baby carrier; they’re a brand that produces various kinds of these nifty little things that moms and babies of all shapes and sizes can use. Particularly, there are three types of MOBY wraps available in the market: the Classic, Organic, and Design varieties.

Each MOBY wrapper is designed to hold kids anywhere between 8 to 35 pounds. With the exception of the MOBY Evolution wrap, whose limit is at 35 pounds; the MOBY mei tai, which can take up about 40 pounds; and the MOBY buckle tie, which has a whopping 45-pound limit, you won’t have a problem deciding whether any given carrier type you choose from this manufacturer can hold your baby.

And, given the weight capacity of MOBYs, we can say that they can handle newborns up to tykes of about 3 years of age.

8-Pound Minimum Weight

Now, we know how you moms could be overly excited with the idea of carrying your baby with you everywhere you go, but keep in mind that their safety and comfort always comes first.

You should also know that legitimate baby carriers (you know, the ones not just sold on sites like Etsy by some independent crafter or seamstress) follow standards provided by certain health organizations in your area.

As for MOBY and their available carriers, they’re specifically designed to carry a minimum load of 8 pounds.

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely no way you can experience the joys of babywearing if you’re baby is lighter than that.

What you simply have to do is ask for your doctor’s expert opinion first to see if your child is suitable to be placed in one.

MOBY Has No Shortage In Variety

Like we said earlier, MOBY specializes in providing a variety of baby carriers.

For one, you can choose what kind of material you and your baby would be most comfortable with, since MOBY offers both stretchy and non-stretchy varieties for their products that come in different fabrics, such as cotton and lycra blends, among others.

And don’t get us started with the designs. MOBY has a whole catalogue that features plain colours, patterns, embellished fabrics, etc.

Price Range

We know what you’re thinking: considering that MOBY is a pretty popular brand, their price has to be really high, right?

We’ll be honest with you and say that MOBY wrappers aren’t the most affordable carriers out there.

However, they’re well worth the price, especially when you consider that there are other brands out there that fetch a higher price tag without the convenience and comfort of a MOBY.

Sure, you can always go with something that’s been independently produced, but why risk it?

MOBY carriers are quality-controlled and adhere to ASTM standards, so you can be sure they’re safe to use.

Convenience Is A Priority

One of the main problems with baby carriers is washing them.

After all, even without the highly unlikely and occasional accident, that baby could have while in one, you still have to prioritize cleanliness if you don’t want your little tyke’s skin getting irritated.

This is another one of those reasons that make MOBYs headache-free. Here’s a short guide on how to clean them:

  • MOBY recommends that you conduct a pre-wash after purchasing your carrier to ensure that everything is safe to use.
  • There’s no need to switch from hot to cold water when washing your MOBY; a cold wash is enough, followed by a low tumble dry or a simple air dry.
  • Now, you might be startled to find out that your MOBY could shrink after you wash and dry them, but this is pretty normal. You see, the fabric they use stretches to its original size once you use it, so it’s no big deal.
  • Finally, the tag on each MOBY carrier has washing instructions just in case you forget anything!

MOBYs Are Versatile

Babywearing is a physical activity, and there’s no denying that. As such, you have heat and sweat coming from you and your baby to worry about, which might have you thinking that it’s not ideal during sunny days or warmer climates in general. However, MOBY carriers use pure cotton, which is a breathable fabric that keeps both you and your baby cool during hotter days.

A quick tip for you babywearing moms out there: keep you and your baby cool by wearing something light during hot days.

How Do You Put On A MOBY Wrap?

Now, if you’re new to this, setting up your baby carriers might seem overwhelming, especially when you see that most wraps are made up of one large piece of fabric. But, don’t worry: here’s a guide to get you started with your MOBY wrapper:

  1. Start by finding the MOBY logo on your carrier and place it right in front of your navel.
  2. Then, fold it in half and hold it across your waist. Remember that the side where you can see the stitches of your wrapper should be on top.
  3. Now, you should be holding two ends here, which you wrap behind your back until they cross. Remember: don’t tie them, just cross them with each other.
  4. Lift one of those edges to your shoulder in order to form an “X” on your back. That means the edge on the right goes on your left shoulder and vice-versa
  5. Secure the ends of the wrap under the MOBY logo, starting from the top right down to the bottom.
  6. Form another “X” with the ends in your front.
  7. Wrap it around behind you once more and tie it, or just keep wrapping it around your waist.
  8. To make sure it’s safely secured, it is best if you do a double tie wither on your hip, back, or your front, whichever is most comfortable.
  9. Do another tie where the knot lands.

You can also read our blog post about how to wrap a baby to learn about wrapping your baby properly. We hope that this post helps you to put on a moby wrap.